X-Guide® Machine for Dental Implant Surgery in Duxbury near Hangam, Cape Cod, and South Boston

At Contemporary Prosthodontics, we are proud to announce that our prosthodontists in Duxbury, MA, Dr. Andrew Wiemeyer and Dr. Samuel Lee, now have state-of-the-art machines for performing dental implant procedures. We use a special X-Guide® machine for placing implants. This allows us to digitally plan the extent of the treatment in real time and also aids in guiding the exact placement of the implant. The X-Guide® is revolutionizing the way dental implant surgery is carried out, helping patients have improved and precise restorative treatments. Here are a few things to know about how the X-Guide® is improving dental implant treatment in Duxbury near Hangam, Cape Cod, and South Boston

What Is the X-Guide®

The X-Guide® is an innovative breakthrough for dental surgeons, allowing them to perform accurate and seamless treatments on patients. Designed by X-Nav technologies, the X-Guide® machine allows a dentist to collect and compact a patient’s diagnostic information to perform a dental implant surgery.

Dentists can now carry out dental implant placement without using surgical templates. The X-Guide® machine guides them on where to place the implant and can also control the drilling even when the dentist can’t see it. It provides excellent results for our patients undergoing dental implant surgery.

How Our Prosthodontists Use the X-Guide® Machine for Dental Implant Surgery in Duxbury

Implants placed without proper planning can result in an implant being placed in an improper position or orientation or without adequate space for the restoration. The more complex and extensive the case, the more important it is to obtain a satisfactory outcome for the patient. 

Modern technology combined with our expertise allows us to digitally plan the best treatment for you and execute it in real time. After a plan is created, it is imported into our X-Guide®. This machine then shows the plan on the screen and aids in dynamic guidance for implant placement—think of it as a GPS for your implant.

Benefits of the X-Guide® Machine in Dental Implant Surgery

  • Allows for freehand surgery with real-time 3D guidance of drills and implants
  • Provides visual guidance for every movement of the handpiece no matter where it is
  • Our dentists can perform same-day guided surgery for more patients without using a surgical template
  • Clinically proven and provides improved accuracy
  • Shorter time to teeth
  • Aids direct visualization of the surgical site, especially in patients who can’t open their mouths wide

X-Guide® Machine at Contemporary Prosthodontics

The X-Guide® machine we have at our Duxbury dental office allows us to provide you with quality dental implant treatments. Contemporary Prosthodontics is the #1 practice on the South Shore and Cape Cod that utilizes this amazing technology to aid in patient care. We are one step ahead when it comes to precise dental implant surgery.

Dr. Weimeyer and Dr. Lee are ready to give you the perfect smile you’ve been waiting for! If you’re interested in getting dental implants in Duxbury near Hangam, Cape Cod, and South Boston, book an appointment for a completely free initial consultation.

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