ClearCorrect Aligners in Duxbury, MA

ClearCorrect is a modern orthodontic procedure that uses clear aligners to correct teeth misalignment. ClearCorrect clear aligners are custom-made to fit the mouth and dental condition to be treated using advanced computer technology. Each aligner set is designed to make precise, calibrated adjustments to align your teeth. The treatment requires that you switch sets of aligners every few weeks for your smile to gradually shift into the correct position.

At Contemporary Prosthodontics, we offer ClearCorrect aligners in Duxbury near Cape Cod, South Boston, and Hangam, MA, as an effective alternative to braces for straightening your smile. We can help you achieve better-looking teeth in a shorter treatment time. 

Our prosthodontists in Duxbury, Dr. Wiemeyer and Dr. Lee, may recommend ClearCorrect aligners for your smile if you are looking to correct imperfections or malocclusions in your teeth. ClearCorrect aligners make orthodontic treatment simple. Moreover, the aligners are easily removable, so you can take them out to eat, floss, and brush your teeth. They are also discreet, which makes you follow through with your treatment without anyone noticing. They also maintain good oral hygiene while straightening your teeth.

What Dental Conditions Does Our ClearCorrect Aligners Treat?

ClearCorrect aligners are personalized treatment options for correcting a variety of dental malocclusions. They are made to fit the requirements of your teeth alignment perfectly. Our prosthodontists will recommend ClearCorrect aligners if you have the following dental conditions:

  • Crooked Teeth: This is an orthodontic condition in which there is misalignment between the teeth, such that they don’t line up correctly. Crooked teeth can affect your speech and hinder effective chewing, causing you to feel pain when you eat.
  • Overbite: An orthodontic condition where the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth, causing dental issues such as pain, tooth erosion, and gum disease.
  • Underbite: Underbite occurs when the lower front teeth overlap with the upper front teeth, causing jaw pain and dental issues, such as tooth decay.
  • Crowded Teeth: Crowding occurs when there isn’t enough space for teeth in the mouth, causing them to twist instead of being straight as they grow.
  • Gaps: Dental gaps, also known as Diastema, are visible when there is a gap between two teeth. It is a cosmetic concern that can occur anywhere in your mouth, but they are mostly common between your two front teeth.

How Do Our ClearCorrect Aligners Work?

Our clear aligners are typically a set of clear, thin, plastic-like trays tailor-made to fit your mouth and move your teeth into shape with the pressure required. Each set of aligners is worn for at least 22 hours a day for a week and moves your teeth a fraction of a millimeter at a time.

One of the benefits of clear aligners over braces is that they can be removed when you brush, floss, eat, and drink. Hence, you shouldn’t keep them on when performing these activities. However, the number of aligners and the duration of your treatment varies depending on the severity of the issues and the movements required to correct them. 

Get Straighter Teeth with ClearCorrect Aligners in Duxbury, MA

At Contemporary Prosthodontics, we always look forward to helping you achieve a straighter, healthier, and more attractive smile. Our prosthodontist uses ClearCorrect aligners in Duxbury near Cape Cod, South Boston, and Hangam, MA, to adjust your smile correctly and give you straighter teeth.

In addition, our aligners are made from smooth, transparent plastic, which makes them comfortable and helps you undergo your treatment discreetly. Schedule a consultation with us today to discover if aligners are the best solution for you.

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