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At Contemporary Prosthodontics, we are dedicated to restoring smiles and helping our patients experience the confidence that comes with improved oral health! Our highly skilled prosthodontists in Duxbury, MA take pride in offering the best dental solutions tailored just for you. We provide services that are backed up with deep expertise in prosthodontics and combined with state-of-the-art facilities that ensure you receive the pinnacle of prosthodontic care.

Whether you need high-quality dental implants, dentures, or dental crowns in Duxbury, or are simply looking to restore your damaged or missing teeth in a day, we're here to help! Our dedicated team, under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Wiemeyer and Dr. Samuel Lee, is committed to boosting your smile's appearance.

Every smile tells a story, and at Contemporary Prosthodontics, we craft each story with precision, aesthetics, and comfort in mind. Harnessing the latest in dental technology and upholding the highest standards of care, we're the preferred choice for residents in Duxbury, Cape Cod, and South Boston when it comes to quality prosthodontic precision. Beyond our technical expertise, our office offers warmth, understanding, and genuine care that makes a lasting impression on each of our patients. You can expect a seamless, compassionate, patient-centric journey from your first prosthodontic consultation to post-treatment care.

Begin a new chapter of dental health by scheduling an appointment with us today, and we will help you rediscover the confidence that comes with a perfect smile.

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Andrew S. Wiemeyer, DMD

Samuel R. Lee, DMD, MDSc, FACP

Looking for a dentist in Duxbury who truly understands the intricate requirements of prosthodontic care? Look no further. At Contemporary Prosthodontics, we pride ourselves in crafting natural-looking dentures, bridges, crowns, dental implants, and more – each tailored to your unique dental anatomy. Our dedicated Duxbury prosthodontists, Dr. Andrew Wiemeyer and Dr. Samuel Lee, are passionate about delivering surgical and restorative dental services to help you obtain your ideal smile and ensure your oral health is at its best.

Even though many of our patients visit us through referrals from other providers, we welcome new and old patients with warmth. Schedule a consultation today, and we will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to restore your oral functions and give you a healthy, beautiful smile.
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