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This patient had significant wear from bruxism (teeth grinding). There were many teeth broken at the gumline that could not be saved. The patient wanted a fixed solution (something he did not need to take in and out). As a result, the patient’s teeth were extracted and six implants were placed in each jaw. The patient now has an implant bridge that is durable, and he can smile, laugh and eat whatever he wants.
This patient had significant erosion on his teeth and had many old crowns and silver fillings. He was a veteran of dental treatment. He was unhappy with the appearance of his teeth and would never smile. He was also worried about his teeth breaking. He had all his old crowns and silver fillings removed and new crowns placed along with crowns on his front teeth to protect them from further erosion. This patient can now smile again!
This patient had an upper denture that did not stay in and was unhappy with his appearance, and he had cavities in his lower teeth. He wanted a solution. Four Implants were placed in the upper jaw and his lower teeth were extracted and four implants were placed. He now has implant bridges and does not have to worry about dentures that fall out or do not fit!
This patient had multiple broken and missing teeth. The patient had implants placed previously but wanted to try and use them if possible. To make things slightly more complicated, the patient had cancer treatments that left him with an extremely dry mouth, which caused many of his teeth to develop decay and would make keeping his other teeth not a predictable long-term solution. In consultation with his oncologist, his treatment was arranged to take place in-between chemo treatments. His teeth were extracted, and he had implants placed and was given a temporary bridge until his implants integrated. He now has implant bridges and does not have to worry about his teeth breaking down and can enjoy the time with his family and eat comfortably.
This patient had her upper teeth taken out due to significant decay from medication related to dry mouth. The patient was not happy with her denture and wanted to stop using denture adhesive (i.e., glue). Six Implants were placed, and she now has an implant bridge, giving her a smile she has wanted since her early 30’s.
This patient was so unhappy with her smile that she refused to smile. She was also missing teeth and wanted to be able to chew and smile again. Implants were placed in the areas where she was missing teeth and crowns were placed or all her other teeth. The patient was so happy at the end of treatment because she could smile again!
This patient wanted the “Hollywood Smile.” This patient drove a long distance and wanted to minimize his appointments. All surgical appointments were bundled to minimize trips. In other words, some teeth were extracted and implants placed the same day. He had crowns on all his other teeth. He can now eat whatever he wants and smile his heart out with his Hollywood smile.
This patient had significant decay throughout all his teeth. After extracting the teeth, he was given a set of dentures. After wearing the dentures, the patient wanted implants so he did not have to take his dentures out at night. Five Implants were placed on each jaw, and he now has implant bridges, which do not come out at night!
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