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A tooth that has extensive decay, is fractured, or has a failing root canal is often not a candidate to be restored. There are multiple options for replacement of a missing tooth (or teeth). The preferred method is a dental implant, which is a titanium prosthesis that is placed in the jaw to anchor and support a crown or bridge.

Dental implants require a period of time in which the bone solidifies around the implant called osseointegration. This minimum period of time is at least 3 months but depends on one’s health history, medical conditions, and medications. After this period of osseointegration, the implant will be scanned to send to the lab (digitally) for fabrication of the new crown.

The new crown is made of an all-white ceramic material that is strong yet esthetic. Once the crown is returned from the lab, your new crown is inserted. Implants and their crowns can last a long time with good hygiene and regular visits to the dentist for check-ups.

Dental implant Dental implant diagram