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Porcelain Bridges

When missing a tooth (or teeth), there are multiple options for replacement. One of those options is a dental bridge, which has two components: abutments and pontics. Abutments are the supporting teeth for the bridge, which are the adjacent teeth to the missing tooth site. A pontic is the prosthetic (or fake) tooth that fills the missing space and is connected to the adjacent abutments.

Similar to a single crown, your teeth will be scanned for an impression in order to make the final bridge look and function like your natural teeth. In order for the adjacent teeth (or abutments) to support the bridge, they must be prepared and scanned once more to send to the lab (digitally) for fabrication of the new crown. After, a temporary bridge will be made so you leave the office with a tooth that replaces the missing space. The new bridge is made of an all-white ceramic material that is strong yet esthetic.

Once the bridge is returned from the lab, your temporary will be removed and your new bridge inserted. Bridges can last a long time with good hygiene and regular visits to the dentist for check-ups.

Porcelain bridge prep

Porcelain crown application