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Complete Dentures

If you have no remaining teeth or a set of old dentures that have worn down from many years of use, Dr. Wiemeyer and Dr. Lee are reconstruction specialists and dentures are considered reconstructions. Complete dentures are acrylic prostheses that replace missing tissue and teeth and can be made to be incredibly attractive and customized to you.

Complete Denture

Removable Partial Dentures

For patients who are missing several, but not all, teeth can have a partial denture made to replace those missing teeth. A partial denture can be made to replace missing teeth on one side of the mouth, both sides of the mouth, or throughout multiple areas of the mouth. A partial denture has either a metal or an acrylic base that rests on your teeth and gums. It also has metal clasps that “grab” on to your other teeth for security so it does not fall out of the mouth.

Removable Partial Denture

Immediate Dentures

If you have broken teeth, gum disease, or a number of cavities, sometimes there is no other option besides removing all of your teeth. Often times, this is devastating and hard to accept for a lot of our patients particularly functionally and esthetically. Contemporary Prosthodontics is the place for you. Our reconstruction specialists can transform your smile in one day and have your mouth healthy in no time.

Immediate dentures are called “immediate” for that reason. Right after your teeth are extracted, you will be given a denture immediately after the procedure. This is done so you don’t leave the office without teeth in your mouth.


Complete dentures can be made with dental implants as well. An overdenture is a denture that can snap onto several strategically placed dental implants throughout the mouth. Placing implants aids in preventing jawbone deterioration. Overdentures are still removeable.

Implant-supported Overdenture